EMILIOMITI LLC offers a variety of authentic Antique Meat Slicers and Commercial Food Scales. We're an independent specialty restaurant dealer offering only the best quality new and used equipment.

Our Antique Hand Cranked Meat Slicers and Antique Scales are hand restored by experts in Italy and then shipped to many different countries around the world. Our Electric Meat Slicers and New Antique Style Meat Slicers are perfect for the modern professional kitchen to produce a salumeria menu.

We also offer beautiful reproduction Vintage Style Meat Slicers showcasing the craftmanship of classic food slicers made in from the early 1900's to the late 1960's.


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Seen on History Channel

In this video, Emilo describes and demostrates the functions of an antique Berkel.



Artisan sausages marking in the Bay Area. Read their Salumi Manifesto.


Social Ft Collins

Social Ft Collins' Legend 300 is their stylish and functional centerpiece, used in their classic Aperitivo Bar.