Antique Berkel Slicer

Antique Berkel Slicers

Fully Restored original Berkel slicers, perfect for the slicing of your finest cured meats with razor sharp precision.

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  1. The Berkel H8 H21 is often referred to as the "butcher's favorite". Featuring a large 370mm (14.5") blade, the H8 H21 is designed for all cuts of cured meats. Generational updates over older antiques include a larger thickness adjustment knob, sturdier crimp mechanism, shaft covers, and a more streamlined appearance. The H8 H21 model was produced in the 1940's and 1950's.
  2. The Berkel Model C is one of the oldest Berkel models every produced. Featuring a 350mm (13.7") blade, the Model C will slice nearly all cured meats. Unlike more modern versions, the Model C features an arching body which displays the mechanical elements of the Van Berkel patented design. This model also features the 'Rotteram' flywheel design. The Model C has a minimalist appearance as it is not equipped with sharpening stones or a front blade guard. A metal receiving tray was used instead of the glass found on more modern meat slicers.
  3. Although known for their hand crank meat slicers, Berkel produced electric models such as this early Model 114. Finished in traditional Berkel red and featuring a 270mm (10.6") blade, the Model 114 is a compact electric slicer capable of slicing an array of cured meats.
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