Antique US Slicing Meat Slicer

Antique US Slicing

The American division of Berkel which produced slicers in the early 1900's that are now the most sought after. Fully restored and capable of slicing the finest product.

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  1. The US Slicing Machine Co Model 100 is known in Italy as the "Centenario" and is one of the oldest and most recognizable antique meat slicers. Featuring a full size 350mm (13.7") blade, the Model 100 was designed to be the ultimate tool for butchers. Available in red or black, the Model 100 features decorative gold pinstriping and fully polished accents. Integrated sharpening stones make the Model 100 easy to maintain.
  2. The US Slicing Machine Co Model B is the smallest antique meat slicer ever produced. Designed exclusively for home and small pubs, the B was produced in limited quantities and therefore, the Model B is one of the rarest antique meat slicers. Known by restorers and collectors as the "Indianina", this compact slicer features a 265mm (10.4") blade and is packed with high detail including decorative pinstriping and polished components.
  3. The US Slicing Machine Co Model 7 is one of the more streamlined antique slicers featuring design improvements over older models such as the Model 100 and Model B, making it easier to operate. Improvements include an updated thickness adjustment dial as well as crimping mechanism. The 330mm (13") blade accommodates most cuts of meat and the Model 7's smaller body size allows for more placement options.
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